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The Victorious Blogger

By Diane Robert (11 Nov. 2021)

Victorious Blogger

Blog regularly to increase your presence on Google & other major search engines.  It’s all about keyword phrases and blogging is an amazing tool plus so much more!

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of a blog is described as “computer - A website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer.”

Blogging offers a powerful platform to convey your unique talent as a writer. Attract an audience that shares your passions in life.   Through blogging, you develop your writing skills and slowly gain traction by becoming an expert in your field.  For those who have already reached the pinnacle of their career, blogging offers an opportunity to broaden your horizons by engaging a captive audience.

The Golden Rule of Blogging

Leave no stone unturned!  Ensure your grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct for each, and every blog post you make.  If you skip these important steps, you could end up losing credibility regardless of the quality of your post.  Ensure that your sentence structure and flow of information are seamless. 

The Business Connection

Blogging offers ways to promote your products and services.  Build consumer confidence by educating your audience about your business.  Include practical information that is relevant yet helpful.  Over time you will notice an increase in your followers.  Include direct links to products and services on your website to create leads, promote sales and increase brand recognition.

The Social Media Connection

Share your blog posts on your social media accounts.  Imagine the possibilities.  This popular method of sharing information can funnel traffic from your social media account right to your website. 

Develop a Lasting Relationship with Your Audience

Some of the key principles of success is to ‘know your audience’.  Ask yourself “What demographic does my content appeal to?”  Once you understand your target audience, frame your content around it. 

Another important key to relationship-building is to educate your audience by sharing your expertise.  Don’t be afraid to offer free information that is insightful and useful.  Engage with your audience.  Enable the ‘Comment’ feature in your blog to allow your audience to post questions and comments .  Keep an open mind regarding the opinions and suggestions of others. Of course, you can remove any comments that do not meet the standards of good taste or those that defeat the purpose of your post.  It’s all part of the process.   The good news is that you are in the driver’s seat.  Unlike social media platforms, you are in full control of your blog content.  Remember, instant feedback provides an opportunity for you to shape and mold your blog posts, by making them entertaining and informative. 

Add a Blog to your website and become a 'victorious blogger'!

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