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content writing for websitesWhether you are interested in a brand new website or upgrading your existing site, we offer a variety of website packages to suit your budget, needs and goals.  Choose a content management website you update yourself or one of our full service HTML5 websites that we'll manage for you year round.   Our monthly maintenance package is designed to suit your budget. Email us today with a full description and desired timeline and we'll get back to you promptly.  See our Testimonial section for customer feedback.

Blog or Website Content Writing Services

content writing for websitesThe content you choose for your website or blog is the ultimate building block to instill consumer confidence.  Include information that is accurate and informative.  Add relevant keyword phrases to interest your audience and boost your website ranking amongst industry leaders such as Google.    

Content should always include a "call to action" to help funnel sales.  For an example,  invite your customers to learn more about a particular product or service by providing links to posts or articles on your website.  Consider offering an introductory discount to tweak their interest.  Whatever the case may be, a "call to action" is a critical tool to build success.  Without it, customers may wander over to your competition.

We offer blog and website content writing services and will organize it with an intuitive navigation system to help customers locate information, learn about your business and the products and services you offer.   Interested in getting started?   Email us today or call (250) 210-1545. 

Website Maintenance Program

website maintenanceWe offer a low-cost monthly Website Maintenance Program. It includes adding new photos plus new content to keep your website or blog current and promote your products and services.   We will update your theme and plugins regularly and will integrate your site with social media to boost followers.    

We'll take the worry out of owning and operating a website allowing you to focus on operating your business.   Email us today or call (250) 210-1545 to discuss an affordable monthly plan designed to suit your budget.

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