Social Media Management & Email Marketing

Two Powerful Ways to Grow your Business!

Social Media Management

Millions of people around the world rely on social media on a daily basis. If you are a business owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a presence over several social media channels at once. The good news is that most channels allow you to link your account to your business website.

Unlike high end advertising, social media provides an outstanding opportunity to educate your audience, grow your business and create opportunities through networking. This is evidenced by a growing number of followers, ‘likes’, ‘shares’, direct messages, etc.

Over time, you will gain insights into what customers need and want, enabling your business to respond and adapt to change. These insights help formulate marketing strategies and competitive pricing. By personally engaging your audience, you’ll build brand recognition and consumer confidence, important building blocks for a successful business. We offer an affordable social media management program that provides the freedom to focus on your business.

Email Marketing

Drive Customer Acquisition and Retention

Email Campaigns are a powerful tool for customer acquisition and retention. It provides an opportunity to develop a strong relationship with your subscribers. Build trust and brand recognition by sharing free information and helpful hints with your audience. This low cost alternative is a perfect way to promote your business offerings. Be sure to include direct links to your website to create sales opportunities.

As we all know, paid advertising can be costly and casting a wide net via internet ads doesn’t always guarantee reaching the right audience. To grow your subscriber list, Robert Web Studio will install a handy “Subscribe” button on your website and social media page (s). We’ll design your email campaigns, run them for you on a regular basis and will send you weekly analytical activity reports. Keep your business, ‘top of mind’ by considering monthly newsletters, promotions, product information, plus more. We charge an affordable monthly service fee that provides the freedom to focus on your business. Discover the benefits of this low cost marketing tool. Look for the Deluxe package on our Social Media Management page.

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