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Shop from Home or from your Mobile Device – Free Shipping & Handling – Same Day Delivery…Modern shoppers enjoy the convenience of shopping online.
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During the past two decades, consumers have dramatically changed their shopping habits to adapt to todays fast-paced lifestyle. As a result, they’ve become highly motivated to shop from the convenience of their home or mobile device.

This transformation has turned online shopping into a multi-billion-dollar industry that is fiercely competitive.

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, reports indicate that online shopping grew by 50% . As businesses endured strict pandemic guidelines, protocols and periodic lockdowns, they found themselves adapting to the new world order. In the process, consumers sought their independence through online shopping. They embraced the chance to compare quality and brand names plus the cost to purchase them. They sought validation prior to their purchase decision based on internet reviews and ratings. At the end of the day, “STARS matter.” .

Business owners who were once reluctant added online stores to their websites to meet the growing demand. They were rewarded with an increase in sales revenue by satisfying loyal customers and winning over new ones locally and abroad.

Leaders in the Ecommerce Industry

When I think of ecommerce solutions, two of the industry’s leaders come to mind, i.e., Shopify and Woo Commerce. Both provide well-designed platforms as a safe reliable way to grow your business. The platforms offer a host of ‘bells and whistles’ including tools and plugins for social media integration along with features to reshape customers experience and overall satisfaction. .

Hope to find a cheaper option to popular high-end shopping carts? Contact Robert Web Studio to discuss an alternative that meets your budget. without committing to a contract. Decide whether adding an online store is the right choice for your business today.

Consider the fact that adding an online store to your business requires no physical space to rent or purchase. Online customers are invited to become a subscriber to learn more about your products and services, on-sale items and helpful hints. Keep your business top of mind”. Build consumer confidence and watch your business grow.

I hope you enjoyed this short essay containing a few personal insights I’ve gained as a web developer during the past 20 years. I invite you to visit the services area of my website where you’ll find a variety of ecommerce solutions and internet marketing tools. Robert Web Studio is committed to supporting small and medium businesses in reaching their goals

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